Dr. Chris in Edmond
Dr. Chris in EdmondDr. Chris in EdmondDr. Chris in Edmond
Dr. Chris in Edmond
The Friendliest Cats in Oklahoma City
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More Information
Chloe, adopted 8/29/09
Pet Adoption and Welfare Services of Oklahoma, Inc.         PAWS-OK         pawsokrescue@gmail.com        (405) 204-3964
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We couldn't do what we do without the support of our friends and partners in the community.
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Please Spay or Neuter Your Pet
Thousands of pets die in Oklahoma shelters each year because there are not enough homes for them.   
Don't let your pets add to this problem by reproducing.
Your pet can be safely spayed or neutered as young as 8 weeks of age.  Sterilized pets are happier, and have less health problems as they age. 
Click on these links for more information on Oklahoma low cost Spay/Neuter services.
Screech, adopted 12/28/10
Friends and Resources
Cat Reproduction 101
Age at first heat cycle?                         4.5 mos (20 weeks old)
How often do cats cycle?                         Every 2 wks
Average litter size?                                     5 kittens
Can litters have multiple fathers?                     Yes
How long are they pregnant?                   60-64 days.
How young can they be spayed/neutered?    5-6 wks old / 2-3 lbs
FREE Spay or Neuter ... 
Cats/Kittens, Dogs/Puppies
OKC Residents only
Call for more information (leave a message)
(405) 316-3663
Your Tax Dollars at Work Sponsored by the OKC Animal Shelter
Proud to be a Pet Hero
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Pam takes many of the gorgeous pictures you see of our PAWS cats on this website.
More Information
FREE Feral Cat Spay or Neuter services for all residents of Oklahoma as an outreach of the OSU Veterinary School.  
Pet Adoption and Welfare Services of Oklahoma, Inc

Dr. Chris in Edmond
They're great!
Volunteering with PAWS-OK is fun, educational and helps our cats at the same time. Do you like to talk to people about their pets? Are you a detailed person who believes every cat deserves a home but maybe not every home deserves a cat? Then helping in our Adoption Center or staffing a PAWS-OK booth at an information fair might be just right down your alley. Maybe you love the idea of raising money for a good cause and like having garage sales? Our annual Yard Sale is a lot of hard work but always a great 
time and is our largest yearly fundraiser. Maybe you’d just like to help behind the scenes, 
fostering a litter of kittens or doing transport. We’d love help in all these areas. 
 If you are interested please fill out a Volunteer Application and we’ll be in contact. 
 Thanks for your help!