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The Friendliest Cats in Oklahoma City
Introducing  the PAWS-OK 
"Faces of Misfit Felines"
Just like in the famous childrens movie (The Island of Misfit Toys), these cats are not "purrfect" but still deserve to be in a loving home... could it be yours?
FIV in Cats - FAQs www.bestfriends.org
Speed Bump
Cats who test positive for FIV or Feline Leukallowed to attend adoption events or be housed in PetSmart Adoption Centers.  
These babies are available to meet by appointment only - just contact PAWS-OK.
Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fear FIV at www.catster.com
Five Reasons
Pet Adoption and Welfare Services of Oklahoma, Inc
Special Cases
Feline Leukemia is a very contagious virus so positive cats must not share space, food bowls or litter boxes with other non-positive cats and must be strictly indoor cats.  The lifespan for most kittens born with the FeLv virus  survive less than one year.  Cats who contract it as adults can live much longer.  Stress should be kept to a minimum,  a nutritional diet is recommended and cats should be seen by a vet at any sign of illness. Any cat who goes outside should be vaccinated against this virus.
Ready to adopt?
The first step in adopting a pet from PAWS is to complete an
 Adoption Request Form
This brief survey helps us understand your pet experience, home environment and personal preferences so that we can help you pick out the purr-fect cat for your lifestyle. 

We have recently updated our Request Form so potential adopters can fill it out on line and send it back to us!  So if you are ready to adopt, download the form, complete it on your computer then 
send it back 
to us!  
PAWS currently has FOUR adult cats who have tested positive for the FIV virus. This virus is species specific and can not be transmitted to humans or canines.  They require no special care, only an attentive owner, no companion non positive cats and an indoor only lifestyle. There is no reliable vaccine for FIV.
Snyder (Twisty)
tripod with a crushed

Litter of blind kittens
Cash was up and about very quickly after his surgery - it took much longer for his hair to grow back!
Meet CASH (FIV+) DOB 2/7/2018

We were alerted about Cash by a local shelter where he was surrendered, unable to walk.  There was something seriously wrong with his hind legs.  When we got him to the vet and x-rayed, we found that BOTH of his rear legs were broken near the knee joint.  He immediately went to surgery where our great doc inserted three temporary rods to stabilize the bones until they healed.  A few days after surgery a bulge was discovered in his belly and he went under anesthesia once more for a hernia repair and neuter.  As if the poor guy hadn't been through enough, the snap test done on him came back positive for FIV too!
It is believed that he may have either jumped, been chased off, or thrown from a very high altitude and the force of landing on his two back legs fractured them. It may have also caused his hernia and his FIV status likely came from another positive cat fighting with him (most common cause of transmission).
Despite all his "adventures" he is a very sweet boy who gets along with everyone.  He is litter box trained, likes to eat and is super social.  He even gets along with dogs!
We are looking for a great home for him where he is the only cat and is kept strictly indoors so he doesn't have a chance to pass the virus along to other cats.  If you are interested in making Cash (named for his drain on our PAWS-OK bank account) a part of your family, please go to the Adoption Request Form link below.
Thank you!
Adoption Request
Meet Hazel! (FIV+)

Hazel was born in November 2019 and came to PAWS-OK with her kittens from the Midwest City Shelter in July 2021.  Although she tested positive for FIV, her kittens were all negative (very common).  Her kittens have all found great homes and we are still looking for a home for Hazel.  She accompanies us each month to our A1 Pet Emporium Meet and Greet Events.  She would love to be an only cat in a great home.  
If you are interested in 
meeting her, come by 
A1 Pet Emporium (see our
scheduled events tab)
or contact us.