Smokey Joe, adopted 2/9/09
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Donovan and Danny Boy, adopted 4/25/10
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To ensure the safe transport of all cats and kittens in the Adoption Center to their new homes, they must go home in a pet taxi.  Please bring one with you to the store, or be prepared to purchase one at the time of adoption. Thank you!
Our Adoption Center in PetSmart
 8357 N Rockwell (in Rockwell Plaza at NW Expressway)
"PAWS-OK takes our health very seriously and sometimes people don't understand why they need to fill out an Adoption Request Form to handle the cats in the Adoption Center (or meet a cat in foster care).
PAWS is just protecting us from the stress of disease that can be transmitted by well-meaning "petters" (our Adoption Center is not a petting zoo). 
If I catch ringworm, a URI or a intestinal infection (yes these are all transmittable by humans to me) then I have to go back to foster care or (HEAVEN FORBID!) the VET for treatment. During these delays my "purr-fect" new home may pass me by and make me wait even longer for a new loving home. 
So I am just fine with only meeting people serious in adopting me..... I hope you are too!"
Pet Adoption and Welfare Services of Oklahoma, Inc
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Ready to adopt?
The first step is to complete an Adoption request Form.
This brief survey helps us understand your pet experience, home environment and personal preferences so that we can help you pick out the purr-fect cat for your lifestyle. 

Potential adopters can fill it out on line and send it back to us!  
So if you are ready to adopt, go to our form, complete it and submit. 
It's that easy!
Below you will find our complete listing of adoptable cats from PAWS courtesy of Adopt-a-Pet.  

Since we have limited space in our PetSmart Adoption Center, many of our adoptable cats are in great foster homes.  If you see one on the listing below (scroll bar on the right) 
PLEASE contact us about that cat.  
The first step in adopting is to complete an Adoption Request Form but we're more than willing to answer any questions about any cat you see.
Our Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a PAWS-OK cat. Based on changes made in response to COVID-19 and related social distancing guidelines, PetSmart can no longer assist potential adopters with the selection of a cat. All meetings with our cats are now all conducted by a PAWS-OK representative with an approved new family BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Here are the steps:
1.  Submit - Complete Adoption Request Form on line:  
2.  Request Form Processing - Your request will be processed by one of our Adoption Counselors who will contact you by e-mail to clarify points. If we cannot help you, they'll direct you to other sources for a cat that may better fit for your family.
3.  Phone Interview - If your Request is approved we will contact you to set up a phone interview. NOTE: Approvals can take 2-4 days. Our phone interviews average an hour. During the interview we clarifies the contract terms, answer your questions and set up meeting with our cat or kitten.
4.  Meet & Greet - Meetings are usually arranged at our PetSmart Adoption Center. ALL household members must be present to meet the cat.  
5.  Adoption - If everything goes well at the meeting, the adopter completes the adoption paperwork take their new cat home. The adoption fees is $80 (CASH ONLY) and the adopter must bring (or purchase) a pet carrier to safely transport their new cat home. A picture of the cat with it’s new family will be taken and the new parents will be provided with a coupon book provided by PetSmart.
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