We are a non-profit pet rescue focused on finding homeless and abandoned cats new loving homes with responsible owners. Most of our cats are surrendered to us by people who can no longer care for their pets or who find themselves the caretaker of a neighborhood cat and / or kittens. All our cats are spayed or neutered, tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, fully vaccinated, fostered in a home setting and checked by a veterinarian before adoption. 

We are a small group whose goal is to match responsible owners with the right pet. When our cats don't fit an adopters' specific needs we can provide them with information on appropriate pets available from other local rescues/organizations or individuals. We are also happy to lend our expertise and resources to anyone who is looking for a specific type of pet (breed of dog or possibly de-clawed cat) or looking to rehome their own pet or a stray that they have found. In some instances we can take the pet (especially a cat) if we have room or in most cases we simply guide the owner with responsible adoption placement and advertising tips. 

PAWS-OK is a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) designated organization and does not receive any public funding. Contributions are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. All the dollars we spend on running our organization are received as adoption fees, donations or are raised by our volunteers

The Friendliest Cats in Oklahoma City
Pet Adoption and Welfare Services of Oklahoma, Inc
Established August, 2008 

We have rescued and found new loving homes for over 895 cats and kittens
(as of Nov 1, 2014)

Thank You for your support!
Our First Rescue!
PAWS rescued this little girl in August of 2008.  She was found by a lifeguard at the Will Rogers Pool.  It was a typical hot OKC day and she was in the drain, drinking pool water to quench her thirst.  She was about 8 weeks old.  "Sophia" was adopted to a very loving home on 9/6/08.  
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Our constant, urgent need is always loving caring, forever adoptive homes.  Please share our site and mission with your friends.
When to Spay Website
Did you know that FIVE MONTH OLD kittens can get pregnant?

Did you know that ALL residents of Oklahoma City have access to FREE spay and neuter services?

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PAWS-OK Current Owner Surrender Status
Rehoming A Pet

If you have a pet you need to rehome, please follow these steps:

  • If you adopted the pet from a rescue or at a local PetSmart, please contact the rescue first.  Most rescues want the pet  to be returned to them so they can find it a new home. If you no longer have the paperwork and you know where you adopted it we can help you locate the rescue organization.

  • We prefer that requests for help with cats or dogs be directed to us via e-mail at pawsok@sbcglobal.net.  Please include: 
1. the cats name and age
2. the reason it needs to be rehomed 
3. its' spay/neuter status, year of last vaccinations and if the cat is declawed
4. your contact information (daytime phone and e-mail address)
5. the time frame you need to find the cat a new home 
6. pictures of the pet. 

  • Please be aware that our ability to accept cats is totally dependent on our space available and we often times have a waiting list. See chart below for our current status. We do not accept dogs at this time but we will help you find an appropriate canine rescue or a new home.

  • Oftentimes we can only assist in the rehoming of your pet by networking them through social media and here on our "Courtesy List".  In these cases we can provide you with information on rehoming including electronic application and adoption forms.
  • Please be aware that we will not be able to assist in the rehoming of any pet who is not spayed or neutered.  For low cost spay/neuter services see our "Links" button above.   
Accepting Owner
Surrendered Cats 
from the public.
Accepting Owner
Surrender Cats under 4 years of age only. Wait listing older cats. Networking help available.
No new cats accepted.  Networking help available only.
Accepting Owner
Surrendered Cats under 2 years of age only. Wait listing older cats. Networking help available.
During the holiday season pet lovers are often tempted to spread furry love around by giving pets as gifts. It can be done, but there are pitfalls to avoid so your precious gift isn't returned like an ugly tie and ensure the fur-kid gets a home for life. While you may think Granny needs a friend, she may not be prepared to have a kitten climbing her tree or racing across the fine china on Christmas Day. A child will delight in the new fluffy puppy until he unwraps the newest video game and the a puppy won't be happy shoved aside to play with later. It's common knowledge among pet lovers that pets (cats especially) actually adopt their owners and not the reverse. So it only makes sense that the love connection is made prior to adoption. Opt instead to wrap the pet gift (but not literally!).

How ONE Gift Turns into THREE with a “New Pet IOU Gift Package"
Create a "New Pet IOU" gift package! Fill the basket, bed or litter box with treats, toys, a collar and leash, training and grooming aids. Top it off with a gift certificate and make a date to get together and visit a rescue organization or shelter to be there when they pick out the perfect pet. You're not only giving a pet to a person, your giving a special person to a homeless pet. And the third gift is yours , watching the love connection. Those are three gifts that keep on giving for years to come!

Remember… Location, Location, Location!
Where to search for the new pet is also important. As you may know, “puppy mills” have flourished here in Oklahoma in recent years and often times the disreputable ones are hard to distinguish. Ads in the paper often appear enticing but the reality is many of these puppies can be sick, expensive to adopt, unaltered and non-returnable. Don’t burden your friends or family members with the gift of additional costs and heartache, opt instead to adopt a rescued pet from a local non-profit rescue. These pets are usually fostered in a home environment, potty trained and always tested, vaccinated and spayed or neutered too! To make it easier, we’ve included a short list on the back of this brochure to get you started or check out www.Petfinder.com for more options.

A last word…. Don’t forget the Seniors 
And lastly, please remember the seniors. While kittens and puppies are cute they are also a lot of work and may not be suitable as a companion for a retired adult, people who work long hours or young children with no “pet experience”. Opt instead for an adult or even senior pet who are often calmer, more experienced with children and better trained. While some large breeds of dogs may have a single digit life expectancy, smaller dogs and especially inside cats can live to be 15-20 years or older. Just like with humans…. “age” is NOT a “disease”.
Extend the Excitement of Giving into the New Year
Your “New Pet IOU” extends the spirit of gift giving into the new year. Who wouldn’t look forward to this special outing to select a new lifelong family member? Plus the IOU allows the child, family member or special friend the opportunity to prepare properly to welcome their new pet by possibly pet proofing their home, planning time off to spend with their new pet or just investigating and pondering the breed, age, size or temperament that best suits their lifestyle. All these careful considerations reduce the possibility of the pet being returned which can be traumatic for the pet as well as the owner if things don’t work out.
Giving Pets as Gifts - Another Option
Please don't make me a gift...
I want to pick my own owner!